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Head of National Black Chamber of Commerce on Obama’s priorities: ‘This is not America’

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Committed to successful black entrepreneurship, Harry C. Alford, Jr. has been president of the National Black Chamber of Commerce since 1993.

During that time, he has spoken out with increasing boldness against the liberal orthodoxy hurting the black community. In 2009, he took on Democratic California Sen. Barbara Boxer at a cap-and-trade hearing, and that video went viral. In this interview with Alford, he continues to boldly confront the politics of government dependency, which he believes stand opposed to the founding principles of capitalism, private property and opportunity.

Alford claims President Barack Obama is hurting black entrepreneurship everyday with entitlements and dependency.

“He’s just after votes,” Alford said of Obama. “And people who don’t know, ‘He gives me a free cell phone, I increase my food stamps.’ That’s not America. That’s not why we fought the British.”

“It’s for the freedom of being what you want to be and not being … suppressed from your dreams,” he continued. “Go for it. But this president seems to think the government will run everything.”

Alford compared the founders’ guiding principles with Obama’s.

“Free enterprise. The freedom to have your own business to create jobs and wealth. The freedom to be educated. The freedom to speak any way you want, as long as it’s moral and true. Freedom of the press. Freedom of speech. The right to own a gun to protect you and your family. This administration is against all that,” he said. “And a surprising amount of people are trying to support that on his side, and it’s not America! Go back to your history books, it’s not America.”

His provocative blog includes recent commentary comparing what he believes was President Obama’s superficial trip to Africa with the productivity of China’s president, pointing out corruption in minority assistance programs and providing ideas for rebuilding Detroit.

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