Allen West asks why the ‘usual race baiters’ are silent on bus beating

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Former Rep. Allen West wants to know why more Americans are not outraged about the violent beating of a 13-year-old Florida student on a school bus this summer.

“I continue to hear silence on the case of the three black teenagers who viciously attacked the younger white teen on the school bus in Gulfport, Florida,” West, a former Republican lawmaker and television host, wrote on Facebook Monday.

“What amazes me is no one is analyzing the lack of adult responsibility.”

West added: “No one is asking, especially not the usual race baiters, so I figured I would.”

West is referencing the July 9 attack — caught on videotape – of three 15-year-olds beating a student while riding a school bus. The attack was reportedly in response to the student telling on one of the attackers for trying to sell drugs.

“Who leaked the information provided in confidence by the victim about the black teens selling drugs?” West asked. “Who allowed those same individuals to board the bus, which was not theirs?”

According to reports, the attackers gave the student a broken arm and two black eyes. Many have asked why the bus driver, John Moody, didn’t physically intervene during the attacks.

West wants to know why the school didn’t do more to protect the student.

“Somewhere in all of this was a breakdown of school administrative responsibility to protect this young man who was doing what was right,” West said. “Can you imagine anyone else at that school ever reporting wrongdoing and criminal activity?”

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