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Weiner pokes at the Brits

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I know it’s going to be a good week, because Anthony Weiner is still being a delusional jackass. I love this guy!

First off: He is a laser, you guys. Just ask him.

Now see, that’s the desperate Anthony Weiner. The “please give me a chance” Weiner. Whereas I prefer the cocky Weiner. Er, I mean the Weiner who’s pumped up with himself. Um… well, just watch:

Now this is a Weiner we can all get behind. The Weiner who calls his opponent “Grandpa” at an AARP event. The Weiner who sneers Monty Python references and attempts off-the-cuff meteorological humor to show his annoyance with British reporters.

The Weiner who is a complete and utter dick.

New York City is full of complete and utter dicks. Don’t they deserve a mayor who represents them?

We want Weiner!
We want Weiner!
We want Weiner!
We want Weiner!

He’s got this one in the bag. Well, right in front of it, at least.

Update: Weiner raising much less cash since most recent scandal. Well, who cares? This election isn’t about money, it’s about Anthony Weiner working for the people of New York. Also, he sends pictures of his ding-dong to women he meets online. Is that now considered a bad thing somehow?