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Be sure to vote on Sept. 2, Detroit

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Can you spot the mistake on this billboard? Nobody who’s still supposed to be running things in Detroit did.


Detroit Free Press:

Billboards advertising the city’s upcoming general election sent the wrong message to residents over the weekend.

Many of the 14 billboards gave a September date for the city’s general election. The election actually is Nov. 5.

City Clerk Janice Winfrey said the billboards — 11 purchased by the city and three given as a bonus from International Outdoor, which manages the billboards — were updated Saturday with information about the city’s general election.

“It’s a mistake,” Winfrey said Monday. “People make mistakes. International made such. I saw it Saturday. I called them.”

Look on the bright side, Janice: You’re not even the most delusional Winfrey in the news this week.

Hat tip to Meredith Jessup, who notes: “I know it’s a factual error, but given Detroit’s penchant for picking lousy leaders, I can’t decide whether or not this was actually a bad thing…”

Update: Hmmm…

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