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MSNBC’s Rachel [M-word] won’t call the Washington Redskins by name anymore

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As I noted last week, there’s a growing chorus among Democrats and the media (PTR) to make the Redskins change their name. Because it’s racist.

Painfully so!

Of course, the same can be said for fans of The Rachel [M-word] Show.

“It’s like David against Goliath, if Goliath had steroids and David had corn puffs to throw instead of rocks.” Damn, that is some good writing. Or did she ad-lib it? She’s really really really smart, you know.

But Ms. [M-word] is missing an obvious point here. Not only is “Redskins” racist, but so is “Washington”! Who was George Washington anyway? Just some old white dude with bad teeth who didn’t like taxes. I think it’s safe to say he’s no longer relevant.

It’s time to rename this town: Obamaville, District of Cool. Yay!

(Hat tip: Andrew Johnson)

Update: Aaron Goldstein at the American Spectator has a theory about why this is so amazingly important to lefties all of a sudden.

President Obama hasn’t brought about hope and change nor have they turned America into the socialist paradise. (Well, the Obama Administration has turned America socialist, but you can forget about the paradise part). With no hope or change to be found, they have to be aggrieved and angry about something. The more trivial that something, the better. The Left lusts for power to change anything it can anywhere it can regardless of whether anything better actually comes of that change.

So at this moment, The Left wants to make the name Redskins unacceptable in polite society. The sad thing is that the people who are pushing for this probably couldn’t tell the difference between a quarterback and a cornerback.

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