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Weiner’s wife weighs working at White House

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Huma Weiner sure is going to be busy. Not only will she be doing whatever it is the wife of the mayor of New York City does, but she’ll also be helping Hillary Clinton move into her rightful place in the White House!

Meghashyam Mali at The Hill reports:

Former Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) on Monday said his wife Huma Abedin would have a role in a 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential bid, but acknowledged that his sexting scandals had hurt his spouse “personally” and “professionally.”

Asked if he knew what role Abedin would play in a possible Clinton campaign, Weiner replied “I do … I’m not telling you,” in an interview with the CNN BuzzFeed YouTube channel…

“I feel that what I’ve done has hurt her, yeah. It’s hurt her professionally. It’s hurt her personally,” he said.

“She’s gotten roughed up, and it’s been completely unfair in my view,” Weiner added.

You can tell he really cares about her. That’s why he sends pictures of his penis to women he meets on the Internet, and will continue to do so.

You can watch the interview here, if you feel like looking at Anthony Weiner and Ben Smith for 37 minutes. I sure do!