World’s worst neighbor charged with decapitating two puppies

Richard Thompson Contributor

A Georgia man has been arrested and charged with decapitating two puppies, Atlanta’s WSB-TV reports.

Neighbors gave part-time landscaper Robert Davis and his girlfriend two pitbull puppies to care for until a pitbull rescue team could pick them up, but Tyler Tedesco and his friends saw the poor pups placed behind Davis’ home with their heads severed.

“I saw that, I dropped what I was doing and just walked away,” said Tedesco, who immediately called the police after witnessing the scene. “I couldn’t bear to see that because I raised those dogs.”

Tedesco said Davis never expressed any motive, though he heard that the doggie decapitator told a friend that he was “just messing around.”

“You don’t mess around like that. You don’t sit there and say ‘I’ve chopped your dogs’ head off,'” Tedesco said.

Davis is charged with two counts of aggravated cruelty to animals and tampering with evidence, after he threw the dogs’ bodies in the woods to hide them from police. If convicted, Davis could face 13 years in prison.

“We all ran back to the house and cried. As soon as we saw it, it was something nobody wants to go through or see,” Tedesco said. “And it’s really hard for all of us to know that somebody could even do that to a poor innocent animal.”

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