EXPLICIT: Stop Hillary PAC alerts FBI to vulgar threats

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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An anti-Hillary Clinton political action committee says they have alerted federal and local law enforcement about a particularly vulgar and threatening message left on the voicemail of the organization’s chairman.

The caller threatens Ted Harvey, a Republican state senator in Colorado and leader of the PAC, and calls him a “dickhead,” a “fucking cunt” and a “fucking douche.”

The political action committee, Stop Hillary PAC, provided the explicit audio to The Daily Caller on Wednesday.

“This message is for dickhead Ted Harvey,” the message begins. “I don’t think it’s a good idea — even though you dumb fucks probably do — to put out an ad showing Senator Clinton and then a cartoon character underneath it, ready to blow his head off with a gun. But that won’t stop you Ted, you fucking cunt.”

“Feel free to call me back, Ted,” the caller continued. “Come on up to New York. I got a special little place here for you, Teddy. You fucking douche.”

It appears that the angry caller was responding to a post on the Stop Hillary PAC Facebook page showing a photo of the cartoon character Stewie from the television show Family Guy holding a gun in his mouth. Above that image is a photo of Clinton and text that reads, “Hillary Clinton 2016.”

“Don’t do it, Stewie!” the post read. “I know the feeling, but there’s a better option.”

Garrett Marquis, a spokesman for the Stop Hillary PAC, said the threatening message was left for Harvey about two weeks ago after the Facebook post appeared online.

“It’s not the only one we’ve received,” Marquis said of vulgar messages.

Marquis said the group has notified local authorities in Colorado and their attorney has alerted the FBI’s Denver field office. Reached for comment on Wednesday, a FBI spokesman said they do not confirm or deny investigations.

Starting Thursday, the Stop Hillary PAC will start a petition asking Clinton to denounce the message. They plan to release ads supporting the effort.

Citing how “Democrats and thought leaders on the left” have condemned the hateful speech of conservatives in the past, Marquis said the “Democrats and Hillary Clinton” should do the same with their own “when you have a message like this.”

“They need to stand up and say that these type of messages are not acceptable and should not be part of the political dialogue,” he said.

In an interview with TheDC last month, Harvey said his new group, which only recently publicly began to ramp up its political efforts against Clinton, will be active in arguing against a Clinton candidacy for president.

“I am very passionate about making sure that the Republicans take back the White House in 2016 and passionate that Hillary Clinton doesn’t get off the ground,” Harvey said. “I have watched the Clinton machine for years involved in politics and the last thing I want to see is Hillary Clinton be president of the United States, especially after the Benghazi fiasco and cover up.”

Here’s the recording of the message. TheDC edited several seconds of personal information about Harvey out of the recording.

Here’s the image from the Stop Hillary PAC Facebook page that prompted the threat.

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Audio work by The Daily Caller’s Grae Stafford

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