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Former Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-IL) is sad that he has to go to jail for a minute

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Well, wouldn’t you be? This sort of thing isn’t supposed to happen to royalty.

Chicago Tribune:

Both former Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. and his wife, Sandi, wept in court today as they addressed the judge who will sentence them for felonies involving about $750,000 in misspent campaign funds.

Jackson Jr. apologized for his crimes and expressed special regrets to his mother and father.

“Your honor, throughout this process I’ve asked the government and the court to hold me and only me accountable for my actions,” he said.

When Jackson Jr. spoke, his voice was firm except for the few times he wept openly and paused to dry his eyes with a tissue, blow his nose and collect himself.

See? He feels really bad about the whole thing. I can’t wait for his inevitable and inspiring political comeback!

As the Washington Free Beacon notes, CBS News forgot a key word in this story:

Did you catch the missing word? Hint: It rhymes with Schlemocrat!

Update: Jackson got 2.5 years and his wife got a year. And his dad got something new to complain about.

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