‘Ready for Hillary’ bumper stickers are a thing now

Patrick Howley Political Reporter
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It’s on.

The super PAC supporting Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential candidacy is now sending out bumper stickers.

“Ready For Hillary already starts sending out bumper stickers,” the Washington Examiner’s Paul Bedard tweeted Wednesday.

Ready for Hillary made headlines in late June when it launched an online store featuring T-shirts with an illustration of Clinton’s face and the slogan “Ready.” The McLean, Virginia-based PAC is expected to merge with at least one other pro-Hillary PAC.

Ready for Hillary, founded by Adam Parkhamenko and Allida Black, already has support and counsel from former Bill Clinton strategists Harold Ickes and James Carville and former Bill Clinton White House political director Craig Smith.

The PAC hopes to use similar online networking and social media tactics to the ones employed by Obama’s re-election campaign, which emulated tactics used by the French Socialist Party to build an advanced voter database that targeted prospective voters based on demographic and behavioral trends.

Anthony Weiner, New York City mayoral candidate and devoted husband to former Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin, recently confirmed that Abedin has been given some kind of role in the early stages of Clinton’s 2016 efforts.

Clinton has yet to officially announce her candidacy. Apparently we’re not “ready” for that yet.

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