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The #1 issue facing Americans today: rodeo clowns

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You wingnuts are obsessed with all these phony scandals — massive NSA surveillance, IRS harassment of conservatives, the minor issue of a United States ambassador being murdered by terrorists in Benghazi and the Obama administration lying about it at every turn — in a failed attempt to distract us from what really matters.

Impudent rodeo clowns.

By now we all know about this Enemy of the State:


Repulsive. It’s racist because Obama is black, and racism is bad.

This thoughtcriminal probably thought he got off light, merely being fired and banned for life from performing in Missouri. But the good guys aren’t done with this creepy-ass cracker yet.

Washington Times:

The Missouri chapter of the NAACP appealed for the U.S. Department of Justice and the Secret Service to launch an investigation and open a federal case against the rodeo clown who donned a mask of President Obama’s face and mocked with the crowd: Do you want to see a bull run down Mr. Obama?

The NAACP says the clown was guilty of inciting violence against the president.

In a statement reported by Breitbart, the NAACP’s state president, Mary Ratliff, wrote: “The activities at the Missouri State Fair targeting and inciting violence against our president are serious and warrant a full review by both the Secret Service and the Justice Department. Incidents involving individuals acting out with extreme violent behavior in movie theaters, schools, churches, political appearances, and outdoor events in general speaks volume to the irresponsible behavior of all the parties involved with the incendiary events at the Missouri State Fair.”

That’s right: the NAACP is worried that somebody will try to kill President Obama by running him down with a bull. It’s a legitimate concern, considering the White House’s unending output of bovine excrement.

Dissent must be crushed. Mockery must be punished. This man must be destroyed.

Got a problem with that, racists?

In other news, Missouri rodeo clowns will now be forced to undergo “sensitivity training.” (Lesson 1: Don’t make fun of Obama.) And the president of the Missouri Rodeo Cowboy Association has resigned. Hell, the whole thing should be disbanded altogether. What could be more racist than a rodeo? A bunch of hayseeds riding around on horses and hootin’ and hollerin’ in their dumb accents and stuff. And then they all laugh at the black guy, just because he’s the President of the United States. What, did you forget your white hoods, you bunch of inbred hicks?

Man, I hate racism.

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