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TheDC Morning: The immigration bill revolt that wasn’t?

Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer
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1.) The immigration bill revolt that wasn’t? — August was supposed to be the month when those opposed to an immigration reform bill that provided a pathway to citizenship would speak up and storm town hall meetings. But so far, predictions of revolution seem to have been overstated. In fact, it seems like there is at least some momentum going the other way. TheDC’s Alexis Levinson reports:

“With Congress out of town for five weeks, many predicted that immigration reform would fall by the wayside, but back at home, several Republican congressmen have voiced support for a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants. In discussions with constituents at town halls and in interviews with news media, several Republican members of the House have indicated a willingness to support a pathway to citizenship proposed in the Senate immigration bill that passed in June — something that had been a major sticking point as House Republicans attempted to craft their own piecemeal approach to immigration reform, after leadership opted not to take up the Senate bill. Last week, Washington Republican Rep. Dave Reichert said in a radio interview with KVI that he would support a pathway to citizenship for the estimated 11 million people in the country illegally.”

We have another half a month of August left, so maybe the revolution will still materialize.

2.) Debate of the degenerates — TheDC Morning has said this before, but these are really the candidates in contention to run the world’s greatest city? TheDC’s Patrick Howley reports: 

“New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner faced a litany of on-stage insults at the first Democratic mayoral primary debate Tuesday night. Weiner clashed frequently with City Council speaker Christine Quinn, who stood beside him onstage at WABC-TV Studios in Manhattan. Weiner and Quinn were joined by the city’s public advocate Bill de Blasio, former comptroller Bill Thompson, and current comptroller John Liu. ‘Not for nothing, you were in government your whole career until you had to resign from government, so I’m not sure why you’re finger-pointing at people in government,’ Quinn sniped at Weiner, who tried to paint himself as an ‘independent’ operating outside the big union-controlled environment of the other candidates. … Weiner’s sexting scandal came up repeatedly.”

A hamster would make a better mayor than these clowns.

3.) Cruzin’ Texas — Ted Cruz continues his push to defund Obamacare, though it still isn’t clear how he can succeed when Democrats control the Senate and President Obama the White House. TheDC’s Patrick Howley reports:

“Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is taking his summer ‘Defund Obamacare’ campaign to his home state of Texas. Over the next three weeks, while Congress is in recess, Cruz will be traveling his home state attending small business roundtables and chambers of commerce meetings to pitch his ‘Defund Obamacare’ campaign, a controversial public-relations effort to block continuing-resolution budget bills until President Barack Obama’s signature health care law is stripped of its funding, either through budgetary means or by passing the Defund Obamacare Act, which has already failed three times in Congress. … ‘Obamacare is hurting the economy and killing jobs. And it will only get worse if Congress doesn’t defund it in the upcoming Continuing Resolution,’ according to Cruz’s office.”

Not sure this strategy will lead the nationwide revolt Cruz needs if there is going to be any prospect — and there really isn’t — of achieving his defund Obamacare goal.

4.) No chicken wings for chicken sh*ts — Hooters takes a stand in defense of women. TheDC’s Caroline May reports:

“Embattled Democratic San Diego Mayor Bob Filner should not expect to be served at San Diego area Hooters anytime soon. ‘This establishment recognized that we all have political differences and we serve people from all walks of life,’ reads a sign inside one local Hooters, tweeted out Tuesday by Francis Barraza executive director of the Republican Party of San Diego. ‘We also believe it is imperative for people to have standards. The mayor of San Diego will not be served in this establishment. We believe women should be treated with respect,’ the sign, which was created as a download by conservative talker Glenn Beck, concludes.”

5.) Tweet of Yesterday — Charles C. W. Cooke: Is that allowed? These debates get more physical every year. RT @JimmyPrinceton: Quinn just burned Weiner.

6.) Today in North Korean News — BREAKING: “Aim of US Interference Disclosed by Rodong Sinmun”

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