ER patients agree: Malt liquor is the way to go

Sarah Hofmann Contributor
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It’s no mystery that lots of drinking can sometimes lead to hospitalization.

A new study from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Health sought to pinpoint the brand of booze that is most often linked with trips to the ER.

The study found that Budweiser was the most popular drink among the ER patients who were surveyed, NBC reports.

Grabbing second, third and fourth places in the dubious ranking were Steel Reserve malt liquor, Colt 45 malt liquor and Bud Ice, which is a malt liquor.

Although Steel Reserve only represents .8 percent of the total national sales for alcohol, it accounted for 14.7 percent of the alcohol-related ER trips. All told, Steel Reserve, Colt 45, Bud Ice and another malt liquor named King Cobra were responsible for 46 percent of the ER patients.

Traci Toomey, the director of the University of Minnesota’s alcohol epidemiology program, thinks there is a link between advertising and alcohol to create this over representation of malt liquor drinkers in the ER.

“Some products are marketed to certain groups of people in our society,” she said in reference to African-Americans being targeted more by malt liquor companies. “So we might want to put some controls on certain products if we find they are tied to greater risk. But how they are marketed and priced is critical information and that has been very hard to study.”

The study was done in a small group, so the results aren’t conclusive. However Hopkins wishes to continue looking into the matter.

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