Allred: Great-grandmother to accuse Filner of sexual harassment

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Attorney Gloria Allred announced Thursday that a “great-grandmother” will step forward to accuse San Diego Democratic Mayor Bob Filner of sexual harassment.

Allred and the newest Filner accuser will hold a press conference Thursday afternoon, according to an Allred press announcement.

In the announcement Allred revealed that the new accuser is a “senior citizen, who is a great-grandmother, who works at the Senior Citizens Service Desk in San Diego City Hall” and that Allred is her attorney.

The new accuser claims that “she was the victim of continuous inappropriate sexual advances by the Mayor while trying to do her job at City Hall,” the announcement reads.

Both Allred and the new accuser will speak at the press conference, according to the announcement.

Allred also represents Filner’s former director of communications, Irene McCormack Jackson, who filed a lawsuit against the mayor and city last month.

The latest accuser will join more than 14 other women who have accused the mayor of sexual harassment. Filner has so far refused to step down.

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