Pornhub.com votes Ashley Dupre hottest woman in scandals

Patrick Howley Political Reporter
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Former prostitute and Eliot Spitzer fling Ashley Dupre has been voted the “hottest woman in scandals” by the good users of Pornhub.com, who gave a collective “woof” to current scandal babe Sydney Leathers.


Dupre received 41 percent of the vote in Pornhub’s national political poll, trouncing her competitors. Former White House intern Monica Lewinsky received 19 percent and former adult film star Ginger Lee, who used to receive sexual messages from Anthony Weiner, received 13 percent.

Dupre, who worked for the escort agency NY Confidential, which handed out business cards to top-earners with the slogan “Rocket fuel for winners,” helped her employer earn approximately $25,000 per night in the summer of 2004. Dupre later became a sex advice columnist for the New York Post and now has a baby with her wealthy fiance.


Gary Hart mistress Donna Rice is mysteriously missing from Pornhub’s list.

“When we put this poll together, it was pretty interesting to see that all three women that have been associated with Mr. Weiner made the jump into the final countdown,” Pornhub vice president Corey Price told The Daily Caller.

New York mayoral candidate Weiner’s most recent textual mistress, Sydney Leathers, ranked just below John Edwards mistress Rielle Hunter, decidedly outside of the poll’s vaunted “Top 3.” French politician Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s rape accuser Nafissatou Diallo also received votes.

This reporter largely agrees with Pornhub’s findings, but feels that Hunter should have placed higher in the rankings.

“I’d say that a survey like this is definitely something that puts a light-hearted spin on all the seriousness of most articles that come out about the subject, particularly on Mr. Weiner’s part since his wife has been so deeply affected,” Price said. “But essentially, any mass appeal about this kind of subject matter really does help to shine a light on just how much audiences look at the circus that the media has turned these scandals into – it’s kind of like a daily soap opera.”

Weiner, meanwhile, recently ranked fourth in a poll of New York mayoral candidates. Spitzer, on the other hand, is leading the Democratic field in the New York City comptroller’s race.

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