Of course posh private L.A. schools will hire celebrity photographers for yearbook pics

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The rift between the haves and the have-nots is even wider than you thought in Los Angeles, where fancypants private schools are bringing in celebrity photographers to shoot yearbook portraits for the gangly, awkward children of the rich and famous.

Hotshot photographer Vince Bucci will lower himself to snapping photos at Wildwood School and Westside Neighborhood School, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

Bucci has snapped wedding portraits for luminaries such as Avril Lavigne, a pop star, and Kim Kardashian, a sex-tape legend who is now primarily famous for being famous.

Wildwood School describes itself as a progressive K-12 bastion that “creates passionately inquisitive students empowered to make a difference in the world.”

Westside Neighborhood School, which enrolls students from preschool to eighth grade, emphasizes “academic excellence, diversity and character development.”

Meanwhile, New York-based shutterbug Dennis Kleiman and his company Stomping Ground Photo will take pictures at three L.A.-area schools this fall: Temple Israel of Hollywood Day School, The Willows Community School and Hollywood Schoolhouse.

When he hasn’t been stooping to photograph a bunch of kids for a quick buck, Kleiman has trained his camera on actor Denis Leary, cutting-edge rock duo The White Stripes and Ozzy Osbourne, the English heavy metal singer who is somehow still alive.

Temple Israel of Hollywood Day School is a K-6 elementary school related to a Reform Jewish synagogue. The school describes itself as “committed to creating a soulful and nurturing environment where children flourish intellectually, creatively and spiritually.”

The Willows Community School advertises a culture of tapping “students’ imaginations and helping each child discover his or her unique talents.”

Hollywood Schoolhouse, a preschool and K-6 elementary school, calls itself “a school that nurtures creativity alongside academic excellence, preparing children to face the future with confidence, able to tackle the challenges of the mid 21st century.”

“Last year we had a parent apply to the school just based on the amazing photos in the yearbook,” Lisa Smith, photography teacher at Hollywood Schoolhouse, bragged to The Reporter.

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