Did somebody mention Plan B?

Mickey Kaus Columnist
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Pay no attention to the executive order behind that curtain: According to the New York Post and  Greg Sargent, a split has opened up among Dems and immigration activists over whether they should make Sen. Marco Rubio”s “Plan B” argument–that “if Republicans can’t support immigration reform, then they should fear Obama using his executive authority to legalize the 11 million.” The White House is telling its allies to cool it, apparently having suddenly realized that “Obama will do what he wants to do anyway so you should trust him to enforce E-Verify” may not be a compelling pitch to Republicans.

A little too late, maybe?


WOWBsters: The political geniuses at the Republican Donor National Committee, meeting in Boston, have officially embraced the “worst of both worlds” position on immigration–legalization without citizenship. This proposal has virtually all the defects of a Legalization-First amnesty–it is a Legalization-First amnesty–without the alleged political benefits.  The RNC’ move was immediately welcomed by the immigration activist group, America’s Voice:


So you see it has already begun to win hearts and minds among Latino voters. … P.S.: Of course if the RNC embraced an Enforcement First reform–e.g. implementing various border-control measure before any legalization–there would be no reason current illegals couldn’t eventually be eligible for citizenship. But the Republican establishment resists this because Democrats won’t agree and Republicans always defer to that donors and business leaders want a cheap labor bill NOW … the enforcement measures might actually be implemented … worse, they might work … OK, I can’t think of a good reason. Maybe you can. …


Mickey Kaus