Lesbian cheerleader and lover defied court, allegedly contacted each other 20,000 times

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Prosecutors in the case of Florida lesbian cheerleader case say Kaitlyn Hunt and her young girlfriend are still in love and actively pursuing a relationship in the face of government persecution.

Government lawyers have filed a motion seeking an emergency hearing in the criminal case of two Florida teenagers accused of having consensual lesbian sex.

The prosecutorial witch hunt stems from a romantic relationship between the defendant, Kaitlyn Hunt, and a fellow student. Hunt, who is now 19, was 18 when the relationship began. The unidentified female student was 14.

A sexual relationship between an 18-year-old adult and a 14-year-old minor is illegal in Florida. The age difference between the two girls is not much more than three years.

The local state attorney’s office alleges that Hunt defied a pretrial order prohibiting contact with the younger girl by sending 20,000 text and Facebook messages since March, reports Orlando ABC-affiliate WFTV.

That’s an average of well over 100 messages each day. A few of them are allegedly pretty explicit.

Court documents say the former cheerleader smuggled an iPod to her younger girlfriend, then spent months “covertly contacting her victim thousands of times,” according to the Daily Mail. At least one of the bawdy messages appears to include Hunt “masturbating while moaning.”

Prosecutors also allege the existence of 25 lewd photos.

Hunt warned the girl: “Keep the fuck quiet” about the communication.

Prosecutors also allege that Hunt and the younger girl had a sexual encounter just a few weeks ago. Even further, they say Hunt’s mother, Kelley Hunt Smith, appeared to assist the 19-year-old conceal her actions.

The criminal case has been a minor national sensation. Hunt’s parents believe she has been subjected to unfair treatment because she is gay. Her attorney, noting that her trial was set ahead of some 200 other criminal cases, has charged that prosecutors are rushing her case.

At the emergency hearing on Tuesday, the judge in Hunt’s case could send her to jail for violating the terms of a pretrial arrangement.

Hunt, who is currently out of jail on bond, met her younger girlfriend when the two played on the basketball team together at Sebastian River High School on Florida’s central coast.

Last November, the two lesbian lovebirds had their first sexual contact in a bathroom at the high school, according to the arrest affidavit. After briefly running away from home on January 4th, the younger girl spent the night at Hunt’s home. There was oral sex. There was mutual masturbation.

In May, Hunt rejected a deal which would have required her to plead guilty to engaging in sex with her underage girlfriend. Under the rejected deal, Hunt would have served two years under house arrest and another year of probation, but would not be incarcerated or listed as a sex offender. (RELATED: New details emerge in teen lesbian’s arrest for underage sex)

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