Georgia Regents University somehow manages to misspell ‘college’ on diplomas

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Georgia Regents University is a mostly health sciences-oriented school located mainly in Augusta. Last week, this school with the wonderfully gloomy acronym GRU made news by managing to misspell the word “College” on 14 diplomas.

As The Augusta Chronicle reports, the small class of summer graduates in the Pamplin College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences got diplomas which spelled the word “college” with three L’s: “Colllege.”

A student eventually spotted the error and alerted school officials. (It’s unclear if this student was one of the diploma recipients.) The erroneous diplomas have since been reprinted and distributed to the newly-minted graduates.

Pamplin College graduate Arianna Vazquez called the blunder “laughable,” according to The Chronicle.

“Maybe they should have more spell-checkers,” she added.

“Everyone makes mistakes, I guess,” said another graduate, Richie Iannacone. “I was disappointed, but it was a funny disappointment.”

School spokeswoman Christen Carter told The Chronicle that an unidentified administrator had misspelled the word on a computer template, leading to the slip-up on the 14 diplomas.

GRU maintains a bunch of academic subunits in addition to the Pamplin liberal arts college. There’s a medical school, a nursing school, a business school, etc. Tuition ranges from about $8,000 per year to about $45,000 per year, depending on what degree you are seeking and whether or not you can claim Georgia residency.

The school is technically new. It came into being in January 2012 when Georgia Health Sciences University and Augusta State University merged. The Georgia Board of Regents named the merged entity “Georgia Regents University,” a bland moniker which pretty much everybody can’t stand.

While the error is embarrassing, school officials at GRU can take solace in the fact that they are not alone. Back in January, the bookstore at Missouri State University (another relatively newly-named school, incidentally) gave away a few thousand bags containing the words “Missouri State Univeristy.” (RELATED: Incompetent bookstore misspells ‘university’)

A marketing team at Missouri State made the mistake, so the school was out $34,000.

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