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In Eric Holder’s DOJ, enforcing the law equally is ‘high heresy’ [VIDEO]

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In the final part of his interview with The Daily Caller, J Christian Adams, a former lawyer with the Department of Justice in the Civil Rights Division turned whistle-blower, explains how the internal dynamics of the DOJ operate and how a political agenda is being instigated through the implementation or non implementation of law.

“I saw it on the inside of justice, at the Justice Department,” Adams said. “I saw the structures, the attitude, the philosophies, the conference room meetings and you begin to get an appreciation for how this whole left-wing apparatus works when you are actually a part of it. … When you’re on the inside, you learn the architecture.”

Adams, who started as a lawyer with the DOJ in 2005, recounts how cases he brought regarding white people drew huge criticism compared to the cases he brought regarding black or Hispanic minorities.

“One of the things I was brought in there to do was to simply be objective and neutral, but see, that’s high heresy. They don’t want people who are objective and neutral. They want people who are part of the orthodoxy, so during the Bush administration, a very small number of people were brought in and it was like an anti-body in the system. The left went absolutely wild. They had congressional hearings. They could not abide by people who were willing to enforce the law to protect everybody.”

Injustice by J. Christian Adams Grae Stafford/Daily Caller

Injustice by J. Christian Adams Grae Stafford/Daily Caller

In his new book “Injustice” Adams details how a request by the Civil Rights Commission to appear under a subpoena over the Black Panther voting intimidation case was blocked by the DOJ and how Adams was informed not to comply with the subpoena. “They said that if you comply with the subpoena, you’re violating our directives. The problem was that there’s a federal statute that says that you have to comply with the subpoenas and if you don’t it’s a crime — it’s a crime, its a criminal offense to interfere — so I just resigned my job and testified about what’s going on.”

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