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Obama greets dog

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Remember when the media and the Obama campaign (pardon the redundancy) made a big deal out of Mitt Romney putting his dog in a carrier on top of his car? But then some stupid blogger pointed out that Obama bragged about eating dog meat in one of his various autobiographies, and then repeated the admission when he read the audiobook?

Never mind! Patrick Howley reports:

There’s a brand new adorable member of the First Family, everyone, and if you read the Washington Post or the Huffington Post or Buzzfeed or whatever you’ll probably see all kinds of listicles and memes about how cute it is.

It’s a dog named “Sunny.” Apparently it’s a girl and it was born in 2012 in Michigan, where the unemployment rate was 8.8 percent last month. It is the Obamas’ second dog, after “Bo.”


No word yet whether Sunny and Bo will take separate taxpayer-funded jets on the Obama family’s next vacation.




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