Three of the ’72 Dolphins refuse to meet with Obama

Patrick Howley Political Reporter
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Three members of history’s greatest football team, the undefeated 1972 Miami Dolphins, refused to meet with President Obama at a special honoring ceremony at the White House Tuesday.

Three of the Dolphins declared outright, prior to the ceremony, that they would not be attending, while two others reportedly expressed grave doubts about the event.

“We’ve got some real moral compass issues in Washington. I don’t want to be in a room with those people and pretend I’m having a good time. I can’t do that. If that [angers] people, so be it,” said Jim Langer, Hall of Fame center who made the 1970s All-Decade Team.

“I want to be careful, because mom said if you have nothing good to say about someone, then don’t say anything. I don’t have anything good to say about someone,” said Bob Kuechenberg, six-time Pro Bowl offensive lineman who has still not been voted into the Hall of Fame despite starting 176 games and winning two Super Bowls.

“I don’t belong there, I’ll tell you that. Without being critical, I can just tell you I don’t belong. It would be hypocritical of me to be there…I don’t want to do that. I just don’t believe in this administration at all. So I don’t belong. Anyone on the left or the right has to respect one man’s opinion,” Kuechenberg said.

“I’ll just say my views are diametrically opposed to the President’s. Enough said. Let’s leave it at that. I hope everyone enjoys the trip who goes” remarked two-time All-Pro defensive lineman Manny Fernandez, who won the NFL’s Unsung Player of the Year award in 1973.

Tuesday’s White House ceremony was attended by the likes of coach Don Shula, who never won a Super Bowl after 1973 and later became a NutriSystem spokesman, and fullback Larry Csonka, whose mustache was repeatedly mocked on “Mystery Science Theater 3000.”

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