Canadians drop like flies after ingesting knockoff cronuts

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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Canada, the United States’ shameful family secret, has gone and done it again (it being something stupid).

At least 12 Canadians contracted food poisoning after eating knockoff cronuts — a New York City restaurant’s coveted pastry — at the Canadian National Exposition on Tuesday, CBC reports.

The only authentic cronut is available at Dominique Ansel bakery in Manhattan, but impostors have popped up around the world.

Canadian chain Epic Burger tried their hand at the croissant/ donut craze by creating a cronut burger, which did not turn out as well as they had hoped.

A dozen — and counting — people at the food expo reported having food poisoning after eating the burger, and more could come forward.

“At this time, the CNE actually asked the restaurant not to operate until cleared by Toronto Public Health,” TPH health manager Jim Chan said.

For now, Canadians will just have to make do with other national delicacies available at the expo like poutine and the 12,000 calorie Kanuck Burger.

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