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Jesse Jackson frowns upon Chris Lane’s murder

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Well, not exactly. His statement isn’t quite that strong. I don’t want to misquote him:

He may or may not frown upon it himself. He’s just noting the breach in etiquette. It’s a bit gauche.

A young black person gets shot while assaulting a Hispanic person, and we’re back to the days of Emmett Till. A young white person gets shot because he jogged past a black person’s house, and it’s “frowned upon.”

Some reaction:

#FrownUponMurder indeed. After #FalselyClaimingMurder when it was politically opportune.

But it’s a damn good living, eh, Reverend?

(Hat tip: Alex Pappas)

Update: Black teen who murdered Australian jogger posted racist Tweets. No, what’s racist is mentioning that fact. Right, racebaiters?

And he had a few other opinions to share:

Is this to be “frowned upon”? Better check with the Rev. Jackson.

Update: White House spokesman not familiar with Chris Lane murder. Why would he be? The kid didn’t look a thing like Obama.

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