New app takes all that pesky talking out of banging someone

Sarah Hofmann Contributor
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An app being launched next week is looking to streamline the process of finding someone down to do the dirty. “Pure” is tailored to deliver what you want, or rather who you want, directly to your bed.

Unlike other “dating” apps that use photos, like Tinder, Pure has no option to chat with the person ahead of time, reports the Daily Mail. You merely upload a picture of yourself, specify your gender and preference, and then look at other users’ photos.

You can select either “okay” or “no way.” If you both select “okay,” then they either come to your place or vice versa and get it on.

Co-creator of the app Roman Sidorenko explained, “We wanted an easy way to find sex, basically.”

They will charge users $9.99 for a “day pass,” which will allow unlimited requests for sex for 24 hours.

The idea of using apps for casual hook-ups is not new, although the slightly sociopathic absence of communication ahead of time is. Grindr is big in the gay community, while there is Bang With Friends for heterosexuals.

Tinder and OkCupid apps bill themselves as more of a gateway to legitimate dating, but can still be used for casual sex delivery.

Author of “Love in the Time of Algorithms,” Dan Slater, said, “If these new location-based, on-the-fly apps are largely for hooking up … perhaps more people out there are looking for quick sex than had been originally thought.”

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