Hope and change: Obama’s Organizing for Action drags out Columbine for gun control

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Organizing for Action, the Obama-themed organization dedicated to promoting the administration’s agenda, has sent an email to its distribution list exploiting the 1999 Columbine High School Massacre.

The stated purpose of the email is to drum up support in Congress for new federal gun control measures.

“My son, Daniel, was a smart, quiet kid,” the missive signed by Littleton, Colo. resident Tom Mauser begins.

“On April 20th, 1999, my beautiful and bright 15-year-old son was killed by two teenagers with guns in the library of Columbine High School — one of 12 innocent kids who lost their lives for no reason at all.”

The email then goes on to argue that Congress is to blame for Columbine and other school shootings since 1999 because it “has failed to take common-sense action to stop them — even though nine in 10 Americans have agreed that expanding background checks would help close the loopholes that put guns in the hands of dangerous people and prevent future violence.”

The Columbine killers, seniors Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, had formulated a complex plan involving a firefighter-diverting fire bomb, exploding propane bombs in the cafeteria and some 99 other bombs.

Harris and Klebold also had several guns, at least some of which they acquired illegally.

“Today, OFA and allied organizations are standing up for a national Day of Action to ask members of Congress: What will it take to finally act to prevent gun violence?” the Obama email continues.

That dramatic “Day of Action” was yesterday, Wednesday, August 21.

“Since Daniel’s death, I’ve found a way to honor him: by trying to prevent other families from feeling this pain,” Mauser’s email explains. “I’ve advocated locally and nationally for smarter gun laws — even helping achieve a statewide ballot victory here in Colorado.”

The email then explains that Mauser felt forlorn after the December 2012 shootings in Newtown.

“And in the wake of another tragedy, nine in 10 Americans agreed that it was time to act — expand background checks to close the loopholes that put guns in the hands of dangerous people,” Mauser reminds readers in his heartfelt missive, in case they missed the lecture about “nine in 10 Americans” and “expanding background checks” just a few paragraphs earlier.

“Congress disappointed us, putting politics above the safety of our kids,” the email concludes.

“That’s why this week, we’re asking: How many parents will have to go through what I did before we say ‘enough’?”

The email provides a link allowing supporters who have signed up with Organizing for America to sign a petition urging Congress to expand background checks (for “nine in 10 Americans”).

(h/t: Althouse)

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