James Clyburn likens ‘right-wing’ blogs to Nazi propaganda [AUDIO]

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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South Carolina Democratic Rep. James Clyburn made a stunning comparison Thursday, likening some media outlets to Adolf Hitler’s propaganda that led to the Holocaust.

On Michael Smerconish’s SiriusXM radio talk show on Thursday, Clyburn condemned some media outlet’s “manufactured controversies.”

“When you have manufactured controversies — and that’s what’s happening here, controversies being manufactured,” Clyburn said. “And then you have people’s words and phrases being misrepresented and looped through the news media, thrown out there on the Internet, and people run with it because these things start getting reported in the mainstream media, and before you know it, people believe that stuff. Now you know, the people of Germany believed Hitler’s foolishness that led to the Holocaust. They believed that stuff. And people will tend to believe what they hear through the media.”



“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had people say things to me,” he continued. “And I said, ‘Where did you get that from?’ ‘It’s got to be true. It was on the television,’ or ‘It was in the newspapers.’ So people think these things are true and most of these people are not media people. They are bloggers, and they are bloggers for the extreme right-wing who misrepresented Shirley Sherrod’s words, cutting phrases and next thing you know, Shirley Sherrod had lost her job. They misrepresented what was going on with ACORN, and next thing you know it was defunded. All of that stuff was manufactured, and people tended to act now and ask questions later and that’s what we’ve fallen subject to.”

(h/t Reason via Mediaite)

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