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The mystery of the “conservative conspiracy to make up a fake black kid” has been solved

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On Tuesday, I quoted a WND story about black teenagers in Oklahoma who shot a white Australian jogger named Chris Lane. They did it for sport. In fact, that was my headline: “Black teens in Oklahoma murder white Australian jogger for sport.” That’s what happened.

I also posted this picture, which was going around Australian media earlier this week:

I did not create this picture.

As it turns out, the young fellow with the bandanna isn’t Michael Jones. This is Michael Jones:


When I saw this new information, I immediately updated my post with it. And yet…

“OMG! It’s a conspiracy by conservative racists (if that isn’t redundant) to turn a white guy into a black guy so they can be all racist and stuff! RACISTS!!!”

Such is the lament of the hyperventilating racebaiters. Chief among them is Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher, who has made an entire career out of being exactly wrong, writing about it at interminable length, and cursing out anyone who points out his numerous errors of fact and logic.

So, who’s the “fake black kid” who’s supposedly being libeled by these racist conservative racists?

Courtesy of the Daily Mail:


That’s from the Facebook page of James Edwards. The same kid as the one on other end of the above pic, except with different hair and a bandanna over his face. Some photo editor in Australia got it mixed up and misidentified him as Jones, it went around the media there, I posted it, and I updated the post with the pic of the real Michael Jones as soon as I saw it.

But now, supposedly, I’m a big racebaiting racist-ass racist because I “faked a black guy.” As if the fact that black teens were being driven around by a white guy while they shot another white guy changes my headline: “Black teens in Oklahoma murder white Australian jogger for sport.” Well, that’s what they did. They’re being charged with first-degree murder, and Jones is being charged as an accessory. He didn’t pull the trigger.

None of this will be a sufficient explanation to Tommy Christopher, of course, because he’s a ridiculous hothead and a career racemonger. He’s just trying to get on MSNBC. But maybe it’ll get through to a few of his smarter readers. Which I realize is presumptuous of me.

Here endeth the lesson. You may now return to your regularly scheduled racebaiting.

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