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TheDC Morning: A lesson in bad campaigning

Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer
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1.) A lesson in bad campaigning — Note to Eliot Spitzer: You probably don’t want to be associated with Thomas Lopez-Pierre. TheDC Patrick Howley reports:

“New York City comptroller candidate Eliot Spitzer appeared at a public housing event Wednesday with a politician who previously accused a fellow black politico of being an ‘uncle Tom Nigger bitch’ who ‘sucks White/Jewish cock.’ Spitzer laid out his plan for New York City Housing Authority security and repairs while standing next to Thomas Lopez-Pierre, a candidate for Democratic District Leader. Lopez-Pierre dropped out of a city council race in May after his racially-charged email to ‘uncle Tom’ real estate developer Brian Benjamin, who upset Pierre-Lopez by backing Jewish candidate Mark Levine. The event was organized by Lopez-Pierre’s running mate. Lopez-Pierre is known as ‘an avowed racist and and anti-Semite,’ according to Yeshiva World. Lopez-Pierre’s infamous email to Benjamin was rife with offensive terminology.”

2.) Media Matters still hearts Al-Jazeera — The love affair continues with Al-Jazeera America. TheDC’s Jamie Weinstein reports:

“Media Matters for America doesn’t often find much time in its busy schedule of incessantly attacking Fox News to praise other news outlets, so it is noteworthy that it took a moment Wednesday to give a slobbering electronic kiss to Al-Jazeera. ‘During its first day on the air, Al-Jazeera America gave climate change nearly half as much coverage as network news programs did during the year 2012, all while avoiding common pitfalls like providing false balance to those that deny the science and leaving the crisis’ manmade origins ambiguous,’ Media Matters’ Max Greenberg wrote of Al-Jazeera’s latest creation, which launched Tuesday. … ‘Bottom line: this was a great start,’ Greenberg concluded. This is not the first time Media Matters has praised or been linked to the Qatar-based media network, whose Arabic channel’s top show features a Holocaust-praising imam.”

Read the full piece to see Media Matters’ past ties to Al-Jazeera.

3.) Christians under assault  Perhaps the most underreported story in the Egyptian turmoil is the Islamist violence against Christians. The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Brendan Bordelon reports:

“Dozens of Christian churches in Egypt have been attacked by violent mobs since the military’s crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood protesters in Cairo last week, a human rights investigator reported. Adam Coogle, a researcher for Human Rights Watch in Egypt for the last six days, told The Daily Caller News Foundation that his organization can confirm at least 33 separate attacks on Christian churches, schools and other facilities. Four people have been confirmed dead. He said the Coptic Church claimed nearly twice that amount of attacks, with 65 churches and monasteries allegedly invaded, looted, burned or destroyed. Open Doors USA, an organization serving persecuted Christians worldwide, told TheDCNF that 95 churches, monasteries, orphanages and schools were damaged or destroyed nationwide. A further 212 Coptic Christian properties were attacked, with seven Christians killed.”

4.)Hell hath frozen over — Noam Chomsky praises Sarah Palin. No, really. TheDC’s Katie McHugh reports:

“Public intellectual and left-wing activist Noam Chomsky gave measured praise to Sarah Palin in a Monday interview with DemocracyNow, saying she was right to criticize President Barack Obama’s substanceless campaigning. ‘I don’t usually admire Sarah Palin, but when she was making fun of this ‘hopey-changey’ stuff, she was right,’ Chomsky said. ‘There was nothing there. And it was understood by the people who run the political system.'”

5.) Tweet of Yesterday  GregGutfeld: don’t worry fans of Bradley Manning. In 8 years he’ll be out, with benefactors, a book deal and tenure.

6.) Today in North Korean News — BREAKING: “S. Korean Regime, Police Slammed for Their Shameless Acts”

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