Florida frat boys use Facebook to sell drugs, trade underage pics, plan hazing

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Before its recent suspension, the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity at Florida International University in Miami was a degenerate den of illegal drug sales and scummy bros who posted a picture of at least one potentially underage girl and bragged about it.

The FIU Pikes were also hilarious idiots because they posted all this stuff on Facebook.

As the Daily Mail reports, members of the fraternity used a now-deleted Facebook page to arrange the sale of cocaine, the prescription stimulant Adderall and cookies containing marijuana. The frat boys also used the page to post topless photos of females.

On the screenshots of the pages, one girl is described as not yet 18 years of age.

A comment beside the photo says: “i think she was 17 at the time of the titi pics LOL.” The caption is: “for those of you who haven’t seen ****’s tits, thanks Gabe.”

Drug dealing via Facebook became such a normal thing that members of the chapter started calling the frat the “Pike Pharmacy.” The Pikes were selling to their fellow frat brothers and to the larger FIU community as well.

“Anyone have a coke connection for coke, not me, a friend wants, lol,” reads an apparently typical Facebook missive.

Another conversation on the social network concerns the popular undergrad drug Adderall.

“So I’ve sold out of 20mg addy,” it explains. “I have a few 10mg addy left. $5 a pop first come first serve.”

In another Adderall-related post, a Pike advertises: “30mg of addy 10 starting tomorrow. 15 for non brothers.”

As the Miami New Times notes, the Pikes also posted messages about pranks they pulled and a scheme to create a database of papers and exams for academic cheating purposes.

And, of course, there’s plenty of talk of hazing.

“Ok so the pledges have been little bitches about the costume we assigned them saying that is hazing so I’m going to ask you guys a big favor no interviews for those assholes in a month, so they learn who the fuck are the ones who control this shit, and please treat them little shit also I’ll appreciate it,” one grammatically bereft post reads.

The FIU suspended the fraternity immediately after the scandal broke.

Pike members could also be facing a criminal investigation over their Facebook shenanigans.

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