Sarah Palin: ‘As of this date, I am not planning to run for the US Senate’ [VIDEO]

Jeff Poor | Media Reporter

Former Republican Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin announced she is not planning to run for U.S. Senate “as of this date” on Friday’s broadcast of “On the Record” on the Fox News Channel.

During a lengthy interview to host Greta van Susteren, Palin addressed her prospects of running in 2014 for the Alaska senate seat currently occupied by Democrat Mark Begich, for whom she has little regard.

“Well, our present senator, Mark Begich — Marky Mark and the funky bunch is kind of how we refer to him up here, because he’s being led by this bunch of Harry Reid and President Obama, Mark Begich having been so supportive of their agenda, ushering in Obamacare and incurring more and more debt. He certainly needs to be replaced, and we need someone there who understands that, you know, our country’s going bankrupt and we need to rein in government. Ssome simple ‘we the people’ type principles that need to be enacted, and that’s not going to come from Mark Begich.”



Palin floated the idea of running early last month on Sean Hannity’s radio show. But although she seemed to downplay those prospects during her most recent interview, she added that she “certainly would never say never.”

“He needs to be replaced,” she continued. “But Greta, it doesn’t have to be me. There are thousands of good Alaskans with that servant’s heart with the ability and the desire to serve we the people. Doesn’t have to be me. I do think it’s kind of hilarious, though, that Mark Begich seems to want to use my name as his fund-raising tool so often with his far-left friends because every time I speak about this issue, he’ll fire off emails and fundraising pleas, saying, ‘Sarah Palin’s talking about taking my job!’ Kind of in a panic there, being threatened, I guess. But doesn’t have to be me. And as of this date, I am not planning to run for the U.S. Senate, but I certainly would never say never in this case.”

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