Coulter slams media for hyping rare white-on-black crime while ignoring black-on-white crime

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On Saturday’s broadcast of “Justice with Judge Jeanine” on the Fox News Channel, conservative commentator Ann Coulter took aim at the media for its handling of interracial crime, accusing it of playing up rare white-on-black crime while ignoring the more prevalent black-on-white crime.

Coulter, author of “Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama,” blamed President Barack Obama for the phenomenon and cited Justice Department statistics on interracial rape to make her case.

“It was much worse in the ’70s, ’80s,” Coulter said. “We’re getting back to it. Obama brought it all back and that’s this racial etiquette from the media. They don’t report on the much more common black-on-white crime, but the very rare man-bites-dog story of white-on-black crime — that gets covered hysterically not because it is a man-bites-dog story, but they act as if, ‘No, this is all too common, it’s the racism in America.’ No, it is very rare. In one example of my book — rape cases, interracial rape cases, the number of black-on-white rapes going back 15 years, 15 years there are about 1,000-to-2,000 a year black-on-white rapes. For 15 years according to the Department of Justice victimization surveyd, the number of white-on-black rapes are either 0.0 or sample too small for a number.”

Coulter referenced the beating death of 88-year-old World War II veteran Delbert “Shorty” Belton and the lack of coverage of it in places beyond the Drudge Report and Fox News as evidence that the media tend to ignore white-on-black crime.



“Well, you technically introduced the subject, but I do think it has been covered a lot more on Fox News than it has been other places,” she said. “And part of the reason this and the ‘Shorty’ case — I don’t think the ‘Shorty’ case has shown up anyplace on MSNBC. Yes, it was the cover of Drudge. We do have some of our own media now. The only reason it they’re being covered by Fox News and by Drudge is because it is in the wake of Trayvon Martin when we were told that, you know, black people in America have to be afraid of whites murdering them.”

As for what motivates those types of crimes, including the Belton murder and the murder of Australian baseball player Chris Lane in Oklahoma, Coulter blames the destruction of the black family, adding that whites are catching up with blacks in that category.

“I just want to answer why quickly because that goes back, two books back to ‘Guilty,’” she added, referring to one of her previous books. “It is very, very heavily associated with single motherhood and the destruction of mostly the black family, but the white families are catching up.”

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