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#NotAllMuslims execute other Muslims for being the wrong type of Muslims

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As you read and watch the following, remember: We need to be sensitive to cultural differences. We need to paternalistically assume these guys simply can’t control themselves. We need to absolve them of any responsibility for their actions, because what makes us so great?

Sharona Schwartz at The Blaze reports:

New video posted on YouTube purports to show the graphic murder – execution style – of three Syrian truck drivers who did nothing more than belong to a minority faith the local Al Qaeda affiliate does not like.

In the video, a small band of Islamist radicals with the Al Qaeda-linked ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) group is seen waving the tractor trailers off the side of an Iraqi road and then proceeds to interrogate the unsuspecting drivers about their prayer habits, trying to discover if they are Sunnis or members of the Alawite minority in Syria.

When they “fail” the Sunni jihadis’ pop roadside quiz, the truck drivers are seated in a line in the median of the road and shot in the back of their heads firing squad style by the self-appointed law enforcers, jury, judge and executioner.

WARNING: The following depicts three men being executed. If you don’t want to watch it, don’t. But this is who and what these guys are. This is what they want the world to see.


“Al Qaeda is on the run.” Doesn’t look like it to me.

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Jim Treacher