Hannity: US-Syria situation could start ‘the next World War’ [AUDIO]

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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Conservative talker Sean Hannity said he sees the impending U.S. conflict in Syria as something that could potentially boil over into something much larger than just isolated action to prevent the Syrian government’s use of chemical weapons — a World War.

“We’re going to look back through the prism of history, and we’re going to define this era as the rise of the radical Islamist,” Hannity said. “I am telling you it is true — and you’re seeing the formation now of what could very potentially be the next World War, because it’s not just the Middle East that is radicalized. I mean, the eventuality is Israel is going to face a moment like this at some point because all of its neighbors — you got Sunni, Shia — they’re all aligned in their hatred towards Israel. Israel has heretofore since its formation in 1941, the U.N. partition plan — they were attacked the very next day. They’ve been attacked in ’67, ’73 and there’s been an ongoing low-level proxy war fought by radicals ever since. And that’s why you see thousands of rockets every year fired into Israel.”



One Iranian official has threatened Israel if the U.S. were to attack Syria, and Hannity forecasted a free-for-all of countries lining up and picking sides against Israel.

“At some point, Israel is going to come under fire, and good countries are going to have to come to its defense,” he continued. “But it’s going to be against radical Islam in all of its forms. You can almost see this precipitating it, if in fact the U.S. strikes and Iran get involved and Syria gets involved and you’re going to see countries very quickly go down the middle and start taking sides. It has the potential — it’s a powder keg.”

Hannity went on to refer to the possibility of a U.S. strike at Syria as “therapeutic bombing,” and said he was not convinced it was the right course of action at this time.

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