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ABC News didn’t get what they wanted from George Zimmerman, so they’ll tear him down any way they can

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Hey, remember when ABC News reporter Matt Gutman falsely claimed that George Zimmerman’s injuries were inconsistent with his statement to the police? And remember when the Daily Caller busted him on it, at which point ABC did a complete 180, admitting the evidence backed Zimmerman up? And remember how they claimed that reversal was an “exclusive,” without issuing a correction or acknowledging their screwup at all?

Remember when Gutman tweeted this?

Impeccably impartial.

Despite the shoddy reporting and outright lies of ABC, NBC (good editing, guys), and most of the rest of the mainstream media on the Trayvon Martin shooting, they didn’t get the result they wanted from the show trial they demanded. Their attempt to turn a self-defense shooting into a racist assassination failed.

And they’re not happy about it. That’s why we have this latest important bit of “news”: The last 18 months have put a strain on George Zimmerman’s marriage, and his wife isn’t happy with him.

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“How did it feel when we all hounded you and your family for over a year, based on a false narrative that to this day remains completely immune to facts? Oh, and let me try to get you to say that the jury was wrong.”

I try not to curse too much on this blog, but George Stephanopoulos can stand on a stack of phone books and kiss my ass. These bastards have hounded this guy for daring to defend his own life against a violent attacker, they were thwarted, and now they’re using his own wife to smear him. They make me sick.

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