Italian men want bigger penises

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The unemployment rate in Italy is currently over 12 percent, reports Bloomberg. Unemployment for people between the ages of 15 and 24 is nearly 40 percent. Also, bankruptcies in The Boot are up about six percent from a year ago, notes the International Business Times.

So what are Italian men focused on? Getting bigger penises, obviously,

Italian plastic surgeon Alessandro Littara claims that the number of men choosing to put their own Italian stallion under the knife is increasing by as much as 25 per cent annually, reports the Daily Mail.

Littara, the director of Milan’s Center for Sexual Medicine, specializes in penis enlargement and says he has performed 300 of the operations in the past year.

The cost of each procedure ranges from about $4000 to about $9300. It’s not clear what additional features a patient who pays more money receives.

A plurality of men — at least in Italy — goes under the knife seeking thicker penises. Some want longer penises. Some men want to add both girth and length.

Penis enlargement recipients tend to be wealthier men between the ages of 30 and 50, most likely because they can afford it.

Littara suggested that “changing room syndrome” is the impetus to go through win penis enlargement surgery.

“With everyone seeing images of the body the whole time these days, men are more aware and worried about their bodies. All the parts are important and the genitals are no exception,” the good doctor explained.

Penis enlargement surgery doesn’t necessarily guarantee la dolce vita, notes the Mail. A 2011 study conducted by the University of Turin concluded that the rate of complications associated with the procedure is “unacceptably high.”

According to MSN, Italy comes in pretty high in the world penis length ratings, at least if you believe scientist Richard Lynn (and a lot of people don’t).

Italian penises average a healthy six inches or so. By comparison, says Lynn, typical penises in the United States allegedly measure just over five inches.

The Republic of Congo tops Lynn’s list at just a head over seven inches. At the bottom of the list is North Korea, at a mere 3.77 inches.

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