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MSNBC’s Chris Hayes needs your help

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Action alert!

The rest of us can just sit tight, then?

Wait… What if you like what Hayes is doing, but not what he’s trying to do? Or you like what he’s trying to do, but not what he’s doing? Should you call them on the phone instead? I just want to make sure I don’t help Chris Hayes by accident.

In other news about Hayes and his failing show, he seems to be the only person in America who cares whether or not Cory Booker is gay. Jeff Poor reports:

MSNBC host Chris Hayes challenged Newark, N.J. mayor and Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate Cory Booker about his sexuality on Thursday.

Booker pushed back — he refused to affirm whether he was gay or straight, but by said it was a ridiculous question and that it was irrelevant to evaluating his abilities as a U.S. Senator.

“Well, let me say first of all, this is the ridiculousness of this point which is — the question should not be whether you’re gay or straight, but question should be, why the heck are you asking the question in the first place?” Booker said.

See above. He’s trying to get people to watch his awful show.

Can you imagine if O’Reilly had asked Booker that question? People would’ve seen it!

(Hat tip: Twitchy)

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