ICE Union head calls on Congress to investigate administration’s ICE policies [AUDIO]

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In an appearance on Sean Hannity’s radio show Friday, hosted by fill-in host Texas Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert, the head of the union representing the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents called on Congress to investigate the administration’s immigration policies.

“With regard to our government in general, I mean right now, that’s our problem with our immigration system,” National ICE Council President Chris Crane said. “[The problem] is not our immigration system, it’s our government, and it’s the ability of a president of the United States to ignore the laws enacted by Congress.”

“And it doesn’t matter what type of legislation we pass, until we address that problem, we will never have an immigration system that works,” he added. “As long as one person can act like a dictator and ignore the law and make his own laws through policy, we will never have a system that works.”



Crane and his union have been vocal opponents of the Obama administration’s immigration policies — notably its Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program — and the Senate-passed immigration bill.

“There is no more of a clear cut case in our country of the president overstepping his authority, ignoring the law, ignoring the Constitution, than the president’s ordering of ICE agents not to enforce U.S. immigration law,” he said. “Yet we have no investigations from Congress into this whatsoever.”

Crane continued, saying that while his union applauds congressional investigations into the IRS and Benghazi, lawmakers have failed to investigate what has been going on at his agency and “that’s got to stop.”

“You tell me, how do I call on Congress to conduct investigations because, you know, being involved in this process as I have been, it seems to me the only people that really get to be at the table to have a say about our laws are the people that have pockets full of money,” Crane said. “You know, you have to be a Mark Zuckerberg or you have to be a Chamber of Commerce to be a participant, a real participant in the creation of our nation’s laws.”

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