Coulter: ‘Now the world is laughing at us’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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On Tuesday’s “Fox & Friends,” conservative author and columnist Ann Coulter railed against President Barack Obama’s foreign policy, saying, “they used to say under Bush, ‘Oh the world hates us, hates us,’ Now the world is laughing at us.”

Coulter, author of “Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama,” noted the push by Democrats for the United States to act, comparing it with their reluctance after former Iraq President Saddam Hussein had launched chemical attacks on his own people in the late 1980s.

“Surprisingly enough, even The New York Times’ headline on this was, ‘President drags Congress into box of his own making,’” Coulter said. “I mean, what Republicans ought to be able to vote on in Congress is whether they can invent a time machine, go back and not have Obama issue an ultimatum on chemical weapons. But I’m really enjoying seeing all these liberals — the utter, utter blinding hypocrisy of them complaining about this chemical weapons attack. Saddam Hussein killed 10 times as many people with chemical weapons — 5,000 Kurds, his own Kurds, in a single day and now suddenly, ‘Oh now we must be the country that stops these genocides.’”



Obama’s handling of this situation should serve as a lesson for voters, she explained.

“We’re talking about our national security and him being the commander-in-chief and this is just a political game for them,” Coulter said. “No, you cannot trust Democrats with — to be commander in chief. And Americans remember that when you vote for a president. They cannot take national security seriously. We do not intervene in countries to make America safer.”

“I mean, there were 20 reasons to take out Saddam Hussein, and by the way could you imagine if he were around now in the middle of this conflagration?” she continued. “Literally thank God George Bush took him out of the picture.”

Coulter reminded viewers of how some of former President George W. Bush’s detractors would describe his foreign policy, which was one in which the world “hated” America. Under Obama, Coulter argues, the view from the world is one of laughter.

“I mean the entire world — they used to say under Bush, ‘Oh the world hates us, hates us,’” Coulter said. “Now the world is laughing at us. Can you imagine what [Russian President Vladimir] Putin thinks of this guy? What will happen if he intervenes and there is an attack on Israel, or who knows where the attack could come? By the way, these chemical weapons came from Iraq.”

“They made such a big deal of Donald Rumsfeld meeting with Saddam Hussein 20 years earlier,” she added. “We weren’t writing puff pieces in Vogue about Saddam Hussein as we did about Assad.”

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