R.G. III: A runaway from the liberal plantation

Lloyd Marcus Chairman, Conservative Campaign Committee
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What? No angry black excess baggage? No chip on his shoulder, ‘I achieved in spite of white America’ rhetoric? Who the heck is this black kid and what planet did he come from?

Along with other black conservatives, I have been fighting on the front lines in the arena of ideas for years, attempting to enlighten fellow blacks to the truth that self-reliance is the key to happiness and success. Far too many blacks have embraced a mindset of victimhood and government dependency.

An amazing, bright, and fresh young black man has taken center stage in America. I believe he will reach a much broader audience and do more to sell conservatism to black youths than us older conservatives could ever hope to. I am talking about RG III, Robert Griffin III, quarterback of the Washington Redskins.

I watched “RG III: The Will to Win”, a documentary on ESPN; his class act parents, his Christian faith and his natural instinct to strive for excellence. Wow, talk about a breath of fresh air.

To the dismay of the race industry, RG III appears to be color blind. He is the realization of Dr King’s dream of a day when we would judge people by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin. His close family and friends are black and white.

No chapter of RG’s story featured him ranting about institutionalized racism he had to overcome in eternally racist America. Quite the opposite, RG’s conversation focused exclusively on the choices he made that have rewarded him with superstardom.

RG III is a prime example of real black empowerment, as opposed to what liberals and Democrats deem empowerment; liberals lobbying for lowered standards for minorities and handouts from Obama’s stash.

RG III speaks English, not Ebonics or “gangsta” and wears his pants above his derriere.

In a sane world, you would expect RG III to be celebrated by the black civil rights leadership, placed high on a pedestal as a shining example to black youths of what can be achieved in America with education, hard work, and proper choices. Deplorably, that hasn’t happened.

RG III has been attacked by liberals, accused of not being black enough, whatever the heck that means.

One ESPN commentator, newspaper columnist Rob Parker, slammed RG III saying, “Is he a brother, or is he a cornball brother? He’s not real. Okay, he’s black, he kind of does the thing, but he’s not really down with the cause. He’s not one of us.”

While whites are free to be whoever and whatever they choose, liberals demand that all blacks have urban street cred to be authentically black. How racist, limiting, and idiotic is that?

Liberal plantation overseers like Rob Parker attempt to retrieve runaways like RG III. Parker’s ilk believe authentic blackness and racial loyalty requires blacks to harbor at least a minimal resentment towards whites and feel victimized in America.

In basketball, I am dribbling challenged. I’m not the best at busting a move on the dance floor, and not a fan of rap music. I vote Republican and prefer sushi over KFC. Do these qualities make my blackness suspect? Am I less black than say Jay-Z or Kanye West? Both of these black mega-millionaires are celebrated by white liberals for keepin’ it real, selling the false narrative that America is racist.

I was incensed when Kanye West went unchallenged after making his stupid hate-inspiring statement on national television that aid to victims of hurricane Katrina was slow because president George Bush hates black people.

According to liberal plantation overseers, blacks like RG III, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, presidential candidate Herman Cain, and I who do not fit in their little black box are sellouts; traitors to our race. Do you see the brain-dead absurdity and smell the putrid rot of racism?

By the way, all of these extraordinarily successful black Americans are on the NAACP, CBC, and liberal media’s excrement list. Amazing.

Despite his extraordinary work ethic, drive to win and commitment, the big question is will RG’s knee hold up for the season. Whether it does or not, RG III is a wonderful, well-needed role model, not just for blacks but for youths everywhere.

They say you are something special when people who do not follow your area of expertise know your name; Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, and Tim Tebow to name a few.

Keep an eye on this awesome young man folks, RG III. He could be the answer to prayer; a Moses liberating black youths, leading them out of the liberal plantation into the promised land, achieving the American dream.