Newark woman slams Cory Booker over violence, declares ‘the crime is killing us’ [VIDEO]

Patrick Howley Political Reporter
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A representative of the Newark Anti-Violence Coalition woman slammed the city’s mayor, U.S. Senate candidate Cory Booker, for neglecting the people of Newark in an interview with a local reporter after the city suffered its tenth murder in as many days Thursday during a video interview.

“Everybody’s so worried about ‘Booker’ that…we are forgotten. The people of the city of Newark. We are hurting here. This crime is killing us. The blood runs on our streets,” said the Coalition’s Donna Jackson, citing some of Newark’s recent victims of deadly violence.

“Anybody who really wants to help the residents of this city, come on in here, meet with us, because the lies and the sham that has been portrayed about the city of Newark, that we’re getting better, that things are improving here, that is a lie,” Jackson said. “We are starving here.”

Jackson also criticized the lack of manpower on the Newark police department.

“Right now we are living in Hell in this city, and we need some help from wherever it will come from,” Jackson said. “President Obama, you’re wrong on this.”

The city of Newark continued its recent murder streak Thursday evening with its tenth homicide in as many days. A 14-year old boy, Ali Rajohn Eric Henderson, was gunned down in the courtyard area of Riverview Terrace Housing Complex. Heroin and weapons were reportedly found in Henderson’s bedroom.

Booker, who is running in the current New Jersey Senate election, is busy using his Twitter account to solve voters’ problems with their missing pets, raccoon infestations, and burning mattresses on the interstate.

“On it,” Booker tweeted Friday in response to a constituents’ concern that “Recycling hasn’t been picked up on Union Street. Is there anyway it can get taken care of today?”

More than 75 percent of poll participants on NJ.com believe that Booker should suspend his Senate campaign to focus on the violence in Newark, as of Friday afternoon.

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