Ohio newspaper claims John Elway threw 7 touchdowns in Broncos’ win

Richard Thompson Contributor

“John Elway throws seven touchdown passes” was the headline published by the Columbus Dispatch Friday morning after the Denver Broncos crushed the Baltimore Ravens 49-24 in Thursday night’s NFL season opener. Either the editors were having a bad case of nostalgia or it was past their bedtimes, but whatever the case, John Elway retired back in 1998 and it was actually Peyton Manning who threw the seven TDs.

Deadspin pointed out the embarrassing error on Friday. Amusingly, Manning is credited in the actual article for the impressive game.

To be fair, John Elway, who is currently the Executive Vice President of Football Operations for the Broncos, did in fact have an impressive 15-year career with Denver. The Hall of Fame quarterback has two Super Bowl championships under his belt as well as nine Pro Bowl selections and an NFL MVP award.

Elway has also proved successful as a NFL executive, playing an instrumental role in Peyton Manning’s decision to join Denver. Manning  proved his worth in Thursday’s game, tying an NFL record for most touchdown passes in a game set by Minnesota Vikings quarterback Joe Kapp in 1969. Elway completed 27 of his 42 passes, racking up 462 yards of offense.

Elway nonetheless certainly has a lot to be happy about — the Broncos are off to a good start to the regular season.

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