Syria’s military an unstoppable all-terrain juggernaut, Syrian videos definitively prove

Tim Cavanaugh Contributor
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Syrian president Bashar al-Assad is prepared for a potential U.S. attack thanks to a world-class war machine that relentlessly pursues the enemies of the Arab republic on sea, on land and in the air, according to video evidence currently getting wide circulation on pro-Syrian television stations.

The condition of Assad’s Russian-equipped armed forces is unclear after a two-year civil war, and U.S. officials contend that the spirited and forward-looking nation has no appreciable air defenses. But pro-Assad clips show that the London-trained ophthalmologist commands a military force of such reach and power that he will inevitably achieve his father’s long-nourished dream of pan-Levantine unity under a Damascus-centered colossus.

In this three-minute clip from Sama TV, a chorus of grateful voices chants the name of Syria’s army as the widely popular Baathist regime deploys jets, amphibious forces and great warships against Syria’s enemies. Courageous soldiers jump through hoops of flame while the Syrian people unite around the keywords “Homeland,” “Honor” and “Sincerity”.

In another handsomely produced music video, Syria’s tanks, paratroopers, gunships and artillery batteries advance relentlessly, through snow-covered mountains, sub-tropical forests and forbidding deserts, against the terrorists, Zionists and imperialists who lust for the ancient land’s vast wealth and bounty of natural resources.

The videos come as Syria faces challenges from a Sunni uprising that is supported by many Arab states and may soon receive help from the United States. The highly competitive Arab television market reflects this conflict, with many stations strongly opposing the Assad regime and even some supporters, such as Arabic-language RT, toning down their pro-regime coverage lately.


But media loyal to Assad continue to broadcast evidence of Syrian strength, such as this clip from Shaam News Network, in which a patriotic song plays against images of flying rockets and infantry assaults so intense that ignominious defeat is guaranteed for all the foes of Syrian national greatness.

A sense of Syria’s civil as well as martial strength can be seen in this pro-military performance by singer Rami Kazour, set to a flashy modern beat and backed by an eager crowd of Assad supporters. The skills on display could prove important should U.S. President Barack Obama, currently stymied in his efforts to muster support for a military attack, attempt to settle the Syrian crisis by arranging a dance-off.

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