ASU police arrest over a thousand students for drinking, ‘loud partiers’ will be next

Robby Soave Reporter
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In the past three weeks, Arizona police have arrested 1,367 people — mostly students — around the campus of Arizona State University.

The arrests are part of an effort to clamp down on reckless drinking, according to the Tempe, Arizona police department. Of the 1,367 arrests, roughly 500 of them were for minors possessing or consuming alcohol. Police also made over 300 DUI arrests for driving under the influence, according to the Phoenix New Times.

Police have scoured the campus during party nights for the last few weekends, picking up intoxicated students.

“The results indicate we are on the right path and continuing with the campaign in the best interest of community safety,” said the police department in a press release.

Police plan to remain active on campus as part of their “Safe and Sober” campaign, and will make arrests for more than just reckless drinking.

“I’m devoting thousands and thousands of staff hours from sworn police officers to respond to service calls about loud parties,” said chief of police Tom Ryff in a statement to The State Press.

ASU is frequently cited as one of the premiere party schools in the country — a reputation that local police are clearly apt to address, following several high-profile incidents on campus.

ASU fraternity Sigma Alpha Epsilon was recently banned from campus after the death of a pledge. And a member of another fraternity was arrested after savagely beating a fellow student in an elevator.

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