Daily Caller editorial board endorses Anthony Weiner for mayor

Patrick Howley Political Reporter
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Anthony Weiner, the People’s Choice

Mr. Weiner, the former congressman, offers voters more than a decade of accomplishments in his fight for the city’s middle class and those struggling to make it. Blessed with a beautiful wife, natural charisma, the friendship of Bill and Hillary Clinton, and a sack full of policy ideas, Mr. Weiner is clearly the hardest candidate in the race for his opponents to beat off.

The Daily Caller joins many across the city of New York in kneeling to endorse Mr. Weiner in Tuesday’s Democratic mayoral primary.

Mr. Weiner is not without stiff competition. Mr. de Blasio, the city’s public advocate, has run a spirited campaign appealing to a demographic that largely stopped following politics after the imprisonment of Lyndon LaRouche. His campaign emblem, the trademark de Blasio “hammer and sickle,” can be found displayed proudly in the underrepresented barrios, jam-band concerts, and UFO conventions that Mr. Bloomberg’s administration attracted bad vibes for ignoring.

Ms. Quinn, endorsed by both Mr. Bloomberg and the New York Times, is the undisputed champion of the waste-management industry, the tomato sauce manufacturers, and the adult entertainment nightclub owners. Ms. Quinn has tapped into a voting bloc that has not gone to the polls in large numbers since the elections of 1993 and 1997, when they rallied around a common theme of “sticking it to Giuliani and his no-good old man.” But ultimately, the board decided that Ms. Quinn has accepted too many gold watches and promises of “good credibility” in lieu of cash contributions for her candidacy to be financially competitive.

Only Mr. Weiner’s tech-savvy campaign throbs through its veins with populist sentiment. The former congressman lasted even when his competitors told him to finish early. His moderate leadership will offer the city protection. Unlike past mayors, he will reach around the table to deal with both parties, rather than passing reforms through the back door. This man is firm in his beliefs, and he is not afraid to sweat. When he unloads his policy ideas, people swallow. The voters of New York are swallowing his message whole.

Mr. Weiner is not one to go down.

The Daily Caller editorial board did not come to this decision lightly, but, on behalf of the entire news media industry, and based on our experiences with the good people in the City that Never Sleeps, we have come to one painful, exhausting, and gratifying conclusion:

New York needs Weiner.

Note: There is no Daily Caller editorial board.

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