Harvard freshmen a bunch of cheaters, also atheists and very liberal

Robby Soave Reporter
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A survey of incoming freshmen at Harvard University revealed some surprising–and not so surprising–details about the class of 2017: For starters, almost half the students admitted to cheating on homework or tests before entering the university.

According to the results of an online study compiled by The Harvard Crimson, 42 percent of incoming Harvard freshmen admitted to cheating in one form or another — 10 percent more than last year.

The results will likely dismay Harvard administrators, who would like to curb the university’s reputation as a haven for cheaters. Harvard endured a major cheating scandal last year, which included revelations that over 100 students colluded on their final exams, The College Fix reported.

Recruited athletes were twice as likely to say that had cheated than other students, according to the Crimson.

The survey also drew predictable conclusions about students’ political and religious beliefs.

A combined 32 percent of students described themselves as agnostic or atheist. And 60 percent described themselves as liberal or very liberal. Just 15 percent of students characterized themselves as conservative.

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