SWAT team shoots 107-year-old man

Robby Soave Reporter
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A local SWAT team in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, engaged in a gun battle with a 107-year-old man on Saturday, eventually killing him.

Police received a report that centenarian Monroe Isadore had pointed a gun at two people. By the time they arrived at the home, Isadore had locked himself in the bedroom. He shot at the police through the door after they identified themselves, according to Fox News.

A SWAT team was called in to handle the situation. The officers inserted a camera into the bedroom to ascertain that Isadore was in possession of a handgun. They then introduced a poison gas into the room to compel Isadore to surrender. When this failed, they hurled a “distraction device” into the room, according to police reports.

A gunfight ensued and Isadore was killed. None of the police suffered injuries, according to National Public Radio.

Several area residents questioned the official police story, and said the use of lethal force against Isadore was unnecessary.

“They didn’t have to kill him,” said Chelisa Canada, who lived across the street, in a statement to the Pine Bluff Commercial. “They could have done something else.”

Canada said Isadore had been staying at the house with the woman who lived there — and her grandson — for a few days.

Pine Bluff police have placed the officers involved on paid leave pending the results of internal and criminal investigations. Whether the officers followed department policy when they shot the 107-year-old man has not yet been determined.

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