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Women of Beretta: Diane Sorantino

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By Barbara Baird, Women’s Outdoor News

Beretta not only makes women-friendly guns, it also supports women in the industry. Several female sponsored-shooters compete worldwide with Beretta’s firearms, and we’d like to introduce you to the lineup of women who promote these fine guns. We’ll also introduce you to the women who blog for Beretta.

We’ll launch the series with Diane Sorantino, who even without the Beretta name behind her in competition makes high marks in the category we call “impressive.” The first female police chief of Cape May, N.J., this avid shooter picked up the desire to shoot and to shoot well because of her father, who took her hunting and shooting.

How long have you been shooting and what do you shoot competitively? 

Diane: I was introduced to Sporting Clays in 1993.  However, it wasn’t until 1997 that I attended my first NSCA National Championships.  Since this time, I have been shooting competitively.

What Beretta gun do you shoot and what caliber (if necessary)?

Diane: Beretta Teknys Gold – Semi-Auto, 30-inch Barrel – 12 gauge

How long have you been shooting for Beretta?

Diane: I have been shooting with Team Beretta for 14 years.

What do you tell women when they ask you why you shoot competitively?

Diane: The questions asked most are “How do you focus for tournaments?” or “What can I do to shoot better in tournament as compared to practice?” or “How can I improve my consistency?”

Usually it’s a conversation about the mental aspects of the game and not so much about the technical aspects of breaking a particular target.  I believe our mental games are shaped by our self-discipline.  From time to time, even the top shooters slip in this area, but for the most part, a good routine is why we keep seeing the same names at or near the top of the leader board.

What’s the best way for a woman to get into the shooting sports?

Diane: Simply stated, a person must have some interest in what they are doing. Women usually have many eager shooters willing to help them.  This can be both good and bad. Advice coming from multiple shooters has never helped anyone.

However, go out to your local club and I’m sure the range owner would be most helpful.  If shooting is something you would like to continue, then look into working with a reputable instructor. This should get you on the right track and help you break a few more targets.  Because, that’s what really makes this game fun.

Why do you like your Beretta?

Diane: Quality and tradition are the two words that come to my mind.  Beretta produces some of the finest firearms in the world.  I never worry about my equipment because I know it will perform without a flaw.

As one of the oldest firearms’ manufactures in the world, the Beretta family is deep-rooted in tradition. These traditions are quite obvious in the quality of all their products including shooting accessories and clothing. Being a member of Team Beretta is a privilege that I hold in high regard.

What do you like to do when you’re not shooting?

Diane: Honestly, shooting consumes a large amount of time.  Trying to balance work and shooting schedule has been difficult.  But I do like being outdoors and during the winter season, hunting is something that I enjoy.

Do you have a job outside of the shooting world? If so, please will you elaborate?

Diane: My full-time career is in law enforcement.  I have over 25 years of service and I hold the rank of Chief of Police.  I am looking forward to retirement at the end of the year.

Diane: I have many shoots planned throughout the year.  Just recently, in July, as a member of NSCA Team USA we traveled to Madrid, Spain, to compete in the World FITASC Championships.

Overall, the members of Team USA were very successful.  We won several gold medals in the team events including ladies team.  Also many of my teammates shot very well earning individual medals.

If you’re interested in reading more about Diane, please visit Beretta’s bio page, and also, you may see Diane’s picks in the Beretta store and visit

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