Is this the worst way to end a marriage?

Sarah Hofmann Contributor
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Jordan Linn Graham, 22, gave her marriage eight good days before deciding to make a clean break.

The Montana woman shoved her new husband off a cliff at Glacier National Park, reports the New York Post. The incident happened in July, but Graham was only charged with the murder after the friends and family of her late husband, Cody Lee Johnson, demanded an investigation.

Reportedly the couple had driven to Glacier National Park and then got into an argument. A struggle ensued before Graham shoved Johnson face first off the cliff. She did not alert authorities, and when he didn’t show up for work, she told investigators that he had texted her saying he was going out of town for a while.

His body was found five days later, when Graham told park rangers she had found it. According to an affidavit, Graham told a friend that she was having second thoughts about the marriage. The couple had dated for two years before getting married.

Graham is facing charges of second-degree murder.

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