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Melissa Harris-Perry: Kids belong to the collective, except when they don’t

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It’s refreshing to see an MSNBC host express her communist views openly, as Melissa Harris-Perry did earlier this year in this promo:

“Part of it ith, we have to break through our kind of private idea that kidth belong to their parenth, or kidth belong to their familieth, and recognithe that kidth belong to whole communitieth.”

Unless, of course, that community is a black charter school. Robby Soave reports:

The plight of a seven-year-old girl who left her Oklahoma charter school because she violated its hairstyle policy drew the attention of MSNBC commentator Melissa Harris-Perry, who joined local parents in criticizing the school.

During her second week of school, Tiana Parker was told by administrators at Deborah Brown Community School that she needed to change her natural, African hairstyle that consisted of miniature dreadlocks tied in a ponytail…

The controversy attracted the attention of Harris-Perry, who wrote an open letter to Tiana in celebration of her hair — and in condemnation of the school.

“Your old school might want to revamp its policy, because instead of enforcing a uniform policy for students; it reinforces stereotypes and undermines a student’s sense of self,” wrote Perry.

To recap: A private school enforced its own hairstyle policy, a parent who voluntarily enrolled his child in that school withdrew her from it in protest, and an MSNBC host decided it was her business because she has a similar hairstyle.

Oh, and because it’s a private school. Y’know, like Tulane, where Harris-Perry works when she’s not spending her weekends yammering into a TV camera. But no matter. If she can’t control it, she doesn’t like it.

That’s what it’s all about. It’s not about “making better invethmenth” in our children. It’s about controlling future generations of Americans. And what good is control if you can’t indulge your every whim? If you can’t puff up your own ego? Authoritarianism is awesome, as long as you’re the one in authority. And that’s what commies like Harris-Perry crave.

I have now given the issue more thought than she has. But what else is new?

Update: I’m with this guy.

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